About Us

Mission: To make moments last a lifetime.

Both leading a busy and hectic lifestyle due to their careers, Ben and Chelsea have realized how being intentional in their relationship helps them connect and even experience the joy that comes with it.

House of Roses was conceived to share this profound joy of cultivating intentional relationships with the people who matter to you - a loved one, a colleague, a partner, a friend.

House of Roses is more than just about sending gifts. We are in the business of creating that meaningful experience that comes with it. The excitement of the giver, the warmth felt by the receiver. We live for magical moments like these. Simple gestures that transcend the rational wisdom of the heart.

We serve as facilitators of gestures that evoke emotions that imprint on people’s memories - allowing the giver to experience being selfless & be thoughtful of the needs of the receiver. Allowing the receiver to feel cared for, cherished, and important. Creating remarkable moments of connection that feeds into one another’s emotional bank - this is what being intentional is.